Current Bidding Projects

ADOT - Ash Fork Flagstaff Hwy (I-40) (Paveco)

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDownload
F004301C_Plans 903.38 kb1035613-02-2019 DownloadPreview
F004301C_Bid_Book 2.10 mb1117112-02-2019 DownloadPreview
F004301C_Ad 113.52 kb1081813-02-2019 DownloadPreview

City of Glendale - 91st Ave Improvements (Paveco)

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDownload
SEALED PLANS COMPLETE 9.28 mb1141915-02-2019 DownloadPreview
SEALED BID DOCS AND SPECS COMPLETE 880.09 kb946615-02-2019 DownloadPreview

Awarded Projects

AWARDED - City of Phoenix - Baseline Rd: 57th Ave to Loop 202

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDownload
PHASE I ESA ROW SW 32.10 mb1382519-02-2019 DownloadPreview
PHASE I ESA ROW SE 34.24 mb1393419-02-2019 DownloadPreview
PHASE I ESA ROW NW 33.99 mb1393919-02-2019 DownloadPreview
PHASE I ESA ROW NE 34.92 mb1364119-02-2019 DownloadPreview
O and M PLAN 740.51 kb1240519-02-2019 DownloadPreview
GEOTECHNICAL REPORT 859.39 kb1318019-02-2019 DownloadPreview
DRAINAGE REPORT 2.66 mb1161519-02-2019 DownloadPreview
Baseline Road Loop 202 and 57th Ave FINAL SPECS AND PLANS 35.45 mb1471219-02-2019 DownloadPreview
BASIS OF DESIGN REPORT 596.97 kb1168119-02-2019 DownloadPreview

AWARDED - City of Phoenix - Pinnacle Peak Rd

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDownload
ST85100400-1 Pinnacle Peak Rd-45th-35th Av Paving DBB 4-2-18 12.40 mb999907-08-2018 DownloadPreview
ST85100400-1 Final Specs 3-29-18 51.48 mb1302707-08-2018 DownloadPreview

AWARDED - ADOT - City of Surprise Bullard Ave

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDownload
T006301C_Plans 54.88 mb1202215-08-2018 DownloadPreview
T006301C_Bid_Book 2.77 mb802415-08-2018 DownloadPreview

AWARDED - ADOT - Wickenburg US60 Greenway Rd

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDownload
WICKENBURG PHX HWY US 60 SPECS 3.08 mb756815-08-2018 DownloadPreview
H887401C_Plans (2) 42.35 mb1279115-08-2018 DownloadPreview
H887401C_Geotech Report 2.85 mb852615-08-2018 DownloadPreview
H887401C_Ad 138.00 kb749815-08-2018 DownloadPreview
Bid Book (2) 3.08 mb840615-08-2018 DownloadPreview

AWARDED - City of Scottsdale Aiport

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDownload
SPECS 12.81 mb1319907-08-2018 DownloadPreview
PLAN SHEETS 22.99 mb1287607-08-2018 DownloadPreview

AWARDED - City of Phoenix - Indian School Rd to Camelback Rd

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDownload
ST87100161 107th Ave Indian School-Camelback Rd Paving Improv-DBB-2-15-18 (1) 14.82 mb1136515-08-2018 DownloadPreview
ST87100161 107th Av Indian School-Camelback Rd Paving Improv DBB 2-15-18 (1) 17.95 mb797915-08-2018 DownloadPreview

AWARDED - City of Phoenix - 27th Ave

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDownload
ST85100341-Addendum 1 - Revised Plan Sheets 5.26 mb593407-12-2018 DownloadPreview
ST85100341-Addendum 1 - APS WA410049 2.60 mb607307-12-2018 DownloadPreview
ST85100341-1 Addendum 1 435.56 kb547707-12-2018 DownloadPreview
ST85100341-1 27TH AVENUE-LOWER BUCKEYE RD TO BUCKEYE ROAD ROADWAY IMPROVEMENT 20.27 mb816006-11-2018 DownloadPreview

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