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Safety is our priority

Accident-Free is our Mission

Every Combs team member has obtained safety certifications on some level.

A safety meeting is mandatory each morning prior to starting work on a project.

Our Safety Compliance Officer has over 25-individual years in civil construction safety.

Key Certifications

  • OSHA 500, 501, 511, 3015, 2045, 3115, 3095
  • FMSCA North American Standard Parts A & B
  • OSHA 40
  • Traffic Control
  • MSHA


Combs' Commitment

Safety first!

Combs Construction Company, Inc. prides itself for having a unique culture where we are a family of honest professionals. Our culture is driven by each employee’s attention to detail and a their focus on quality. This value is absolutely expressed in our safety and health program, as well. At Combs, safety is our first priority!

Combs’ safety program is driven by a CEO that demands a safe work environment at all times. This is enforced and managed by a safety officer who has the ability to not only identify risk and hazards, but to also take immediate action and stop operations that do not comply with our stringent safety program. Our safety officer also has full authority to terminate employees and subcontractors for any unsafe acts, as deemed necessary.

One of the unique aspects to our safety program is the fact that our Safety Officer is employed full-time and has experience and education in heavy civil construction, as well as in aviation construction, highways, roads, and various other civil works. Additionally, he has over 20 years as a sworn peace officer. 

Our safety officer is an OSHA Authorized Trainer in Construction and General Industry, and provides in-house training on a consistent basis to ensure that we are up-to-date will any and all new safety regulations. He also serves as our in-house EMT and Rescue Technician

With Combs’ diverse construction projects ranging from local roads to interstate and aviation construction, we take safety seriously. We never consider a project a success unless everyone involved or effected by the project returns home safely without injury. This is the Combs mission.

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